75th Anniversary Celebrations at Princethorpe Court

22nd December, 2011

Phyllis and Sydney Smith, a couple of sprightly 90-something year old residents at Princethorpe Court, have just celebrated 75 years of married bliss, along with family and friends at the ExtraCare retirement scheme.


The couple met in 1930 when Syd was a member of the Church Lads Brigade and some of his friends were following a group of girls, including Phyllis, through Coventry, and they soon started going out together. Syd said: "I knew this was the girl for me." On his 18th birthday, Syd approached Phyllis's father to ask for his permission before asking her to marry him. Syd later proposed under a heraldic Coat of Arms bridge in Coventry.

Syd and Phyllis were both born in Coventry, and 97-year-old Syd worked as an apprentice at the Coventry-based aircraft company Armstrong Whitworth. He is also a Freeman of the City.

95-year-old Phyllis said: "When we got married we'd just bought our first house for £525, and now it's worth about £200,000 - times have really changed! The time just flies by with him though."

Staff at Princethorpe Court, where they have lived since December 2004, threw them a party to celebrate the occasion, which was attended by their sons Graham and Bill. The couple also have a daughter, four grandchildren, one great-grandson and one great-granddaughter.

After 75 years together what advice can they offer to newlyweds?

"He has been spoilt rotten," Phyllis said, "But you have to have a good rolling pin too!"

Syd said: "Tolerance and perseverance are the main ingredients for success, we had our arguments, but we have overcome them. Even if she doesn't believe me, I still love her just as much as on the day I married her."

He added that having their own space has helped them. "We've slept in single beds for forty years. That helps!"

Picture: Phyllis and Syd share a kiss on their 75th anniversary.

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