Reeve Court Village

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To enquire about living at Reeve Court Village, joining activities or volunteering, please phone 0151 430 4000 or email

Entrance Reeve Court Village
Elton Head Road, Rainhill
St Helens

Manager: Jackie Harber
Phone: 0151 430 4000

Reeve Court Village Village Map
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Customer Satisfaction
To view our CQC report and resident survey, click here.

Our Homes
We have 206 one and two bedroom apartments and bungalows, each with:
Living room
Shower room
Many homes have balconies or shared patio areas

Our Facilities
Enriched Opportunities Suite (to support residents with dementia)
Cafe Bar
Communal Parking Areas
Craft Room
Fitness Suite with Gym, Spa Pool and Steam Room
Indoor Bowling Green (within an enclosed Winter Garden)
IT Suite
Guest Suite
Hairdressing Salon
Landscaped garden Area
Quiet Lounge
Reception Area and Main Street (with communal seating areas)
Relaxation Room
Restaurant and Bistro
Village Hall
Village Shop
Well-being Suite and Well-being Bathroom
Woodwork Room

Our Care
Approximately a third of residents within the Village receive help with their care. Dependent on individual circumstances we can support residents with significant assessed care needs, including dementia.

Our properties are available for rent, shared ownership and purchase.

Our Capacity
We have over 250 residents and 80 staff.

Our Housing Partner
Your Housing Group

In a Nutshell
Steve Warburton (Manager): "I feel that living in the Village is a way for all residents to feel at least 10 years younger; we have great activities and events which all residents who attend say is great value and thoroughly fantastic value. We consult with residents on all aspects of running the village and they feel valued being part of this process."

Kath and Gordon Jackson (residents) moved in during December 2008: "I fell in love with it immediately," says Kath. Within two years, the couple had both joined the gym and Gordon admits that this has led to his legs being strengthened. Kath joined a women's group and started using the spa pool which helped improve her arthritic joints.

In their spare time, Kath and her husband have become active volunteers to help the Village run smoothly. They have also made lots of new friends, take part in Village activities and go on ExtraCare trips.

Says Kath: "Since moving in we feel more settled and enjoy being able to walk round the Village at night time. We also feel safer because of the CCTV cameras and the fact we can stop and chat to staff members at any time."

She reports that Gordon has taken a keen interest in wildlife and keeps records of what animals he sees and when.

And she adds: "Moving into the Village has been the best thing that has happened to us."

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